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This past Thursday, Interaxon went on its first school visit of the spring semester! We taught four classrooms of 4th/5th graders about yawning and circadian rhythm. They left knowing a little more about the things that regulate their sleep cycle, why yawning is contagious, and the basic idea of how to pronounce suprachiasmatic nucleus– the latter to great hilarity.

As always, the students we taught blew past our expectations with their enthusiasm and intelligence. Many of them were truly scientists in the making, and we can’t wait to go back!


Hello world! The blog is back, for good. If you’re new to Interaxon, you’ll find that you can find out information our meeting times and events in a number of places, from joining our e-mail list (at to our Facebook to our website itself. This too is another venue to get those details about school visits, socials, meetings, and the like. But I also hope to give you guys a more detailed picture at everything that goes on behind the scenes and at school visits– so get excited for pictures and stories as well!

This semester, we are kicking off with an introductory meeting for new members on Thursday, January 19 at 6pm, location TBA. There will be pizza, sample presentations, and good times to be had!

Some memories from last semester:

In October, we helped out at Spirits at Troy’s annual Trick-Or-Treat extravaganza in McCarthy Quad, bringing back the reliable brain game and painting faces for a great Halloween!

We also taught a a ton of schools– here are some pictures!

That’s all for now, folks! Check back soon.

USC Interaxon has returned to the blogosphere! Here’s a taste of what’s going on:

  • First General Meeting next Tuesday, January 18th at 8pm. We don’t have a regular room yet, but we’ll find one near VKC100. It will be a teaching seminar, as well as an introduction to the club for new members. School visit sign-ups will be available!
  • We will be volunteering along with UCLA Interaxon at this year’s Los Angeles Brain Bee, held on January 29th. Let us know if you’d like to help out; it should be a lot of fun!
  • We will have school visits starting during the third week of school.
  • This semester, we will also be participating in the CHIP Fair and Relay for Life on campus.

In other news:

We hope everyone had a relaxing summer! Can’t wait to hear about all of our globe-trotting, research-generating members!

Our first meeting this semester is an introductory one for new members, although “old” members are welcome to drop by for food, fun, and friends. It will be:

Thursday, September 2nd at 8pm in VKC102

The agenda includes an intro to the club, Q&A, sample presentations for elementary and high school students, and good times all around. Also, free pizza! First come first serve.

If you are new, can’t make this first meeting, and are interested in joining us, please see the membership page on our website:

Thanks to everyone for an amazing year. Have a great summer, and we’ll see you soon!

Hi friends! We have a general member meeting this Thursday (Apr 15) at 8pm in SOS B46; it will be our second round of elections for the E-Board positions of Ambassador, Project Leader, Secretary, and Social Chair. If you are interested in running, please see the attached documents for more details.

Last week, we elected members for President, Vice-President, Director of Internal Affairs and Finance, and Project Director. Congratulations to:

President – Brenda Yang

Vice-President – John Choi

DIAF – Tiffany Chang

Project Director – Ryan McGee

We’ll also hear from our Friday visits to Manual Arts High School (we have teacher evaluation forms!) as well our last school visit of the year to Laurel Elementary.

Make our club t-shirts cheaper! Become a fan of ultimatetshirtco on Facebook. They’ll give us a $1 off for each fan we get, so go to their page > 1 Fan = $1 Tab > Put in your Facebook name and ‘USC Interaxon’ as the organization.

And finally,  save the date of Thursday, April 29th. Instead of having a normal general body meeting, we’ll go to a restaurant, present our new E-Board, and celebrate the wonderful things we’ve accomplished together in USC Interaxon’s first semester — can you believe it?!

Exciting news! We’ve had an awesome year thus far, from planning 4 school visits, having teaching the community about Alzheimer’s and the brain at the CHIP fair, bonding with each other, and getting our name out there! In short, an amazing and productive first semester of this club. And we’re ready to make it even better next year!

This Thursday, April 8th, we’re having our first round of Executive Board elections for the next school year. [8pm, SOS B46] We are only doing elections for 4 of the positions: President, Vice-President, Director of Internal Affairs and Finance, and Project Director, as these are our “core” spots. The following Thursday, April 15th, we will have elections for the remaining positions.

How to run?
No applications are necessary; those running will make a 2-5 minute speech, introducing themselves, explaining their qualifications, why they want to be involved, etc. There are no requirements for most of the positions; even if you don’t feel you were that involved this year, but would like to be, you’re welcome to run.

We’re sorry this is fairly short notice, but we wanted enough time to get the new E-board together before finals begin. Those who are considering e-board can take the remainder of this week to think about what they’d like to run for.

Below is a short synopsis of the positions we’ll have next year; we’ve made a lot of changes from this year as we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. If you want to run, you must email for a document with more detailed descriptions and requirements.

A friendly note: The 4 positions we’re voting on this coming Thursday are ones we are taking particularly seriously; they are heavy in time-commitments, and involve running the main parts of the club. However, all positions are very important, and we expect those who have them to fulfill their responsibilities beyond the call of duty. We’re doing our best to give general members every opportunity to be just as involved as an officer would, but the difference is that the latter is a year-long commitment to weekly meetings, events, planning, etc. Some positions are more time-intensive than others, so keep in mind your other obligations when thinking about Interaxon! :)

2010-2011 Interaxon E-Board Positions (12 total)

*elections for President, VP, DIAF, and Project Director April 8th
*elections for other positions April 15th
*see attached document for details and responsibilities

Must have been on E-Board for at least one year. In charge of overseeing all general affairs of the club; ensures all school visits, lesson planning, general/e-board meeting proceed smoothly.

Must have been on E-Board for at leastone year. Assists the president, and fills in as needed. He/she is the main contact with schools, and trains/directors the Ambassadors to coordinate school vistis

Director of Internal Affairs and Finance (DIAF)*
In charge of all finances, deals with applications and communications with USG and the school, makes sure everything we do is legal and appropriate, develops, directs and oversees fund raising events

Project Director*
Point person for developing exciting, educational lesson plans and setting up rehearsal dates for schools. She works with the project leaders on presentations, and communicates with schools about specific lesson components.

Ambassador (4 spots)
Work closely with the Vice-President. Each one will be entirely in charge of one school visit and all the details/logistics involved with it.

Project Leader (2 spots)
Works closely with the Project Director to develop lesson plans, convey them to USC Interaxon presenters, and develops creative games and activities. Fills in for project director, if needed.

Records events and discussion points of E-Board and General meetings, checks Interaxon email at least once daily, updates our shared file system, and updates the Interaxon website (training provided, if needed)

Social Chair
Develops and plans outreach and social events. Obligations include organizing recruiting/PR efforts at the beginning of each semester, organizing at least one social/bonding event per semester, and making a slideshow/scrapbook of Interaxon at the end of the year.


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